Ressources culturelles en anglais

Les ressources suivantes sont toutes libres d’accès, gratuites et en langue anglaise.


Liens vers des visites virtuelles de musées et de leurs collections :

 3 different virtual tours : Medieval Louvre, Decorative Arts and Egyptian Antiquities
29 different online exhibitions, some are interactive, some take the form of an exhibit book. Examples : Standing up for change, Legislation History, Creating a Female Political Culture, Getting into the Games, . . .

This page regroupes all of the museums online features. You can dicover the paintings and sculptures of the various collections that belong to the Museum. You can also vitually visite different exhibition rooms or listen to curators speaking about exhibitions.
Big plus : A feature for children ( 7 to 12 years old) with an interavtive map and  behind-the-scenes videos.


Liens vers des visites virtuelles de parcs naturels americains :

You would like to espace your room, flat, ou house ? You can do it virtually by visiting 33 US National Parks thanks to google earth.


Liens vers des livres audio, des films, des cours de langue et plus . . .  :

 This page lists and gives acces to cultural and educational media that is free of rights and free of cost. Take a look amoung the textbooks, movies, language classes, MOOCS, . . .
Bons plans pour les enfants :

Muder Mystery Games online, some for children, some for adults.

Online educational games for children, about history, animals, the weather, …

Online games and apps for children.


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